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12 Burwood Highway
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12 Burwood Highway. Burwood 3125

Tel : 03 9808 8850



perpetual performance

There are many so called "high end" bikes in the market today, but 99.99% of them are run of the mill production from China. However, Lynskey titanium frames are still diligently made in USA with 100% US military Spec.aerospace grade titanium. David Lynskey started Litespeed in the mid 1980's and quickly became the world leader in Titanium bike technology. He built the frame ( OEM Eddy Merckx ) that clean Lance Armstrong used to win the 1993 World Championship. Bobby Julich's frame he used for his 3rd place finish in the 1998 Tour de France, and frames that Greg Lemond used in the early 1990's. In 1999 David sold Litespeed, and in early 2006 began Lynskey Performance Designs

Including BikePRO fit

100% Custom built to your needs or wants,

All Lynskey frames come with unlimited life time Warranty

R255 positive review by Ride On magazine

2013 Helix OS is included as one of 10 Superbikes by Bikerader

Sportive gets 10/10 in Cycling Plus review

Cooper CX review on Bicycle Times

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Bicycling Australia R340 review


Road, MTB, 650b, 29er, Cyclo cross & track wheels are available.

Pacenti design 23SL rim , available now !

2013 rim roundup

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BikePRO is offering an exciting new range of lightweight performance custom road frames with custom geometry, color & details. May It be Road, Track, Cyclo Cross, Audax ,Touring or XC. Lug, TIG or fillet brazed

The frames are made from sourcing the best materials and built by a European builder with more than 30 year of frame building experience. We are proud to present the Champione custom frame, with the options of Reynolds, Columbus or KVA stainless tubing to suit your needs. The benefits of steel are undeniable, with high strength, smooth riding, and responsiveness in frames, not to mention the simple elegance of a finely crafted steel bike!!! And now available; ultra lightweight steel frames, with steel being built up as light as full carbon or titanium frames. In fact, a sub 6kg steel built is not out of the question at all. Due to the longevity of steel as a frame material, it is often referred to as a 'for life' investment, often turning into a sentimental heirloom.


Columbus Zona Cyclo cross bike