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How to Buy

How to Buy
Ordering is straightforward and easy with BikePRO, however, please note that this is NOT an e-commerce site.

We do ask that customers fill out the 'customer information form', in order to aid us in a fast and accurate delivery. Your order will be processed once we receive confirmation of your order and payment method. Please e-mail or call us (during shop hours) to confirm product availability, final price and freight.
Ordering goods from BikePRO implies you have read our policies and accepted our Terms. These policies do not affect your statutory rights in any way.
Please choose both your Payment and Delivery Methods from the selection below:
Payment Methods/Payment Options

Credit Card

BikePRO can accept Visa or MasterCard.

When ordering using your credit card you will be asked for the cardholder's complete name, address, telephone number, card number, and expiration date. These details will be checked by BikePRO. In the case of being supplied incorrect details, BikePRO will contact you and may hold your order until correct details are received. For more information on the treatment of your details, please read our Privacy Statement.

For your security credit card payments are available with phone orders only.

Direct Debit Payment

Payment can be made via direct debit (over the counter at your bank or via online banking) and paid into the BikePRO bank account. Your order will be processed once we receive an email from you containing the transaction receipt number. If paying via online direct debit, please include your name in the description field, and product details if there is sufficient space.

BikePRO Account Details:
National Australia Bank
Account Name: Bikepro Pty Ltd
BSB Number: 083153
Account Number: 536524435

Delivery Methods

There are three options to consider for the delivery of your goods. The best method of freight will depend on your purchase, with consideration given to product size and weight, delivery time, cost, and tracking and insurance options.

Express Post

Express Post is limited to products 3kg or less that can fit within the Express post satchel of 3100 x 4050mm. If you are at all unsure that the product will meet these requirements please contact BikePRO, as products that do not meet the requirements will be sent with a more appropriate method of transport at the expense of the customer.

Express Post has the advantage that it is guaranteed to be delivered the day after your payment has been received. It is also most likely to be the cheapest option for small orders.

There is however no insurance available on this method of delivery, and once sent by BikePRO, risk of damage or delivery failure is at the onus of the customer. Also, the package will only be delivered if someone is at the specified address at the time of delivery. It may be best to fill in a different delivery address (i.e. work) on our order form if no one will be home during the day.


eParcel is recommended for smaller items if insurance is required or slightly larger items. Bikes cannot be sent with eParcel however, as they are too large.
This method of delivery is generally slower than using the Express Post service, but has the advantage that you can track the progress of your parcel online and insurance is available. To confirm the location of your parcel enter the tracking number provided by BikePRO at the eParcel website:

Insurance is also available for the transport of your purchased product when using eParcel. Insurance costs are set at 1% of the value of the item that is being transported. For full terms and conditions of the insurance refer to the Australia Post website: You can also transport your packages using eParcel without incurring extra charges if you choose not to insure your goods. Please select if you require insurance when placing your order.

TNT Ground Express

TNT Ground Express offers a similar service to eParcel but it is a better option for transporting larger items, such as complete bikes.

The parcel tracking service is also available when using the TNT Ground Express Service, just enter your tracking number at:

Insurance is also available on TNT freight at 1% of the cost of the goods. This is an optional service and you will need to inform us if you would like insurance when placing your order. For full details of TNT Ground Express's Insurance Terms and Conditions, please visit:

Delivery Schedule

If the product is in stock, we will do our very best to send out the products the same day.


Orders will be charged freight at cost and your order will also incur a nominal handling charge to cover the cost associated with packaging your goods. This combined amount will be shown as the freight value on your invoice.


BikePRO also offer layby with 3 months to pay. A 30% initial deposit is required for these purchases.

Return Policy

Return Policy
We want you to be completely happy with your purchase, therefore we will endeavour to provide a refund if you change your mind about a product. Please check the goods on delivery and ensure that they are supplied correctly. Before returning any goods, please contact BikePRO.

When returning goods please take care to package them appropriately as by law the customer is responsible for returning the goods to the supplier without them being damaged.

TIP: If possible, take a photo of the product and make a note of anything that is not as it should be before you send it back. This will help in the unlikely event that the courier company damages to the product on its way back to us.
Returning your goods implies you have read the Returns Policy and accepted our Terms. This policy does not affect your statutory rights in any way.

Basic Terms:

Goods must be:
1. Returned within 7 days of receipt.
2. Accompanied with your receipt.
3. In the original packaging.
4. Complete.
5. Clean.
6. Unused.

If any goods prove to be unsuitable, please return them for refund less our postage & installation costs, which will be made in the same form as the initial payment.

All freight costs incurred are the responsibility of the customer. NO REFUND of transport costs will be covered by BikePPO.

NO REFUNDS are available if the item was a special order. All deposits for special order bikes and bike products are NON-REFUNDABLE once the order has been placed, even if you change your mind. This is due to our low margins and the fact that special order items are very difficult to resell, as they are your individual specification. There is also limited space at BikePRO for special order goods to be stored.
BikePRO will only accept DVD returns where the DVD is still in the original plastic packaging.
Fair Play Policy
At BikePro we operate a fair play policy to protect you and us. Occasionally people push to warranty a product unfairly (ie when a product had been abused) or change their mind about a product well into it's usage. Although we do our best to resolve problems, we don't consider this kind of thing fair play. It is in both our interests to have happy customers - so please be straight with us and we'll be straight with you. :)

Below is basically what you are required to do by law
If your purchase does not perform as specified by the manufacturer we are happy to exchange it within 7 days of purchase.


A bike product or bicycle is deemed by the manufacturer as the group of components it is made up of - not a single item. The reason for this is that the parts of a component or bike are made by different companies and are therefore covered by warranties with different terms. Therefore any fault with a particular product or component on your bike will be dealt with as an individual issue with that particular faulty part.
It is required that you give us a chance to fix the problem before any refund or product swap can take place. Determining if it's a warranty issue will be decided between the supplier and us. Rest assured we will do our best to ensure that the issue is fairly resolved.
If you notice that something is wrong with a product that you have purchased from BikePRO, here's what to do:

First of all - STOP RIDING THE BIKE whilst it still has the broken part on it!!
BikePRO shall not be responsible for the proper use of the merchandise sold and the customer is urged to exercise caution and take all necessary safety measures in using the merchandise.
If you believe your product is suitable for warranty replacement, please contact us via e-mail or phone during business hours before attempting to return the product to us.
Warranties differ for the different parts on the bike. Please read the manufacturer's warranty carefully before proceeding to return the product. If a product comes with a warranty, it will cover manufacturing faults and defects but not damage caused by wear and tear, crashing or abuse. Most manufacturers warranties are valid for at least 12 months from the date of purchase.
Under most warranties the product should be returned to BikePRO and we will forward the product on to the wholesaler. In a very small percentage of cases you will be required to return the product to the wholesaler directly. Please contact BikePRO before sending the product anywhere if you are unsure of what to do.

If BikePRO decides that the part is defective under the warranty conditions then the part will be returned to the supplier, and once the problem is rectified the product will be returned to you. The initial costs incurred in returning the faulty part to BikePRO are borne by the customer, and BikePRO and the supplier will pay for any subsequent freight.

If BikePRO rectifies the problem without needing to return the product to the supplier you will need to pay the return postage on the product.