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Bike service

At BikePro, we specialise in maintenance and repair of all types of bicycles.

With decades of experience servicing bicycles, and a fully equipped workshop, you can rest assured that we will thoroughly inspect and properly service your bicycle. From high-end road racing bicycles to the modest commuter, we always do our best to provide a level of service that is second to none.

Bicycle maintenance is something that should be routinely carried out by a professional technician. Routine maintenance will protect your equipment from unforeseen failure and premature wear, saving you money in the long term. Having your bike serviced infrequently, or by an inexperienced or inattentive mechanic, may compromise the longevity of your components, your safety, or the safety of your fellow cyclists. We have seen many high end $20,000 bikes, recently serviced by other mechanics, running no better than a home-built department store bike.

Our goal is to ensure your bike is running at its full potential. We are well aware that there is nothing more frustrating than going out for a ride, only to have a part come loose leaving you stranded. As such, we always ensure that all parts are installed correctly as per manufacturer specifications.

Upon initial inspection of your bicycle, we will provide you with an honest recommendation as to which level of service your bicycle requires, and, if any parts need to be replaced, a realistic quote for these parts. We will also provide you with with an accurate job delivery time. For some bikes, we are able to offer same day servicing. The time spent on each bike is in line with the cost of each service. Whilst servicing your bike, should we find that some parts need to be replaced, we will contact you prior to replacing them.

If you don't remember the last time your bike was serviced, or what that service involved, the likelihood is that your bike is now due for a service. Please don't hesitate to come by the shop with your bike and have it checked by our experienced mechanic.


For major brand bikes, all our work is guaranteed for six months from the time of delivery. For supermarket bikes or internet source unknown brand bikes. technically speaking, they are toys. We will not provide any guarantee. But we will inform you prior to booking.


We are happy for you to bring in parts, sourced elsewhere, that you would like professionally fitted. In fact, we will sometimes recommend our customers purchase parts online when we are unable to provide them at a competitive price.

Express service

Inclusions - Gears & brakes tuned
- Chain lubricated
- Bolts torqued to manufacturer specifications
- Tyres pumped to correct pressure
- On bike wheel true
- Derailleur hanger alignment
Job Delivery Time 24 hours
Price $120

Under normal circumstances, Express service have a guaranteed 24 hour turnaround. However, if your bike is booked in on a day prior to which we will be closed (e.g. Saturday), your bike will be ready for pick-up during our next business day.

General Service





Everything included in our Express 2 service plus:

wheels true & Basic Wash

Everything included in our Bronze Service plus:

- Full bike clean and degrease

- Headset service

- Full strip and rebuild (recommended once yearly)

Job Delivery Time









$200 hydro brake $50 extra

$300 Hydro brake $50 extra

$400 Hydro brake $50 extra

**Major Services have variable turnaround times that are influenced by the condition of your bike and if any parts need to be ordered and replaced. Upon initial inspection of your bike, you will be given an accurate job delivery time.

tool 001.jpg

Full Campagnolo tool kit. Professional bike machanics dream to see one. We own one !

tool 003.jpg

Campagnolo headtube gauge

Passa / Non Passa

Our services are 100% Passa !